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Drew, Nate and I met Trisha, Brady, and Tricia at Chick-Fil-A for lunch yesterday.  We had a great visit and the kids enjoyed playing in the playland.  Well, Brady and Nate did--Drew is getting a little too cool for that!


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Here are a few pictures from Lake Michigan.  We were there for a week.  The boys had a great time even though the weather was a bit cool.  I think we still have sand everywhere!  

Drew and Nate standing on the front of the boat.

Nate checking out the water

For some reason this makes me think of Abercrombie, he's still a little scrawny though : )

"Look mom, I dug a hole!"...walk 30 feet..."Look mom, I dug a hole!", etc

Nate and me riding a ride at the air museum.

Drew lounging on the boat.

Nate driving the boat

The Fair  

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Nana and Grandpa took us to the fair. Drew rode the Ferris Wheel with Grandpa (because he is the only one who will ride it with him : ). His favorite ride was the teacups. Nate loved the Runaway Train. He also enjoyed riding the Yak on the animal ride. He turned around and said "Giddyup boy, there's a zebra chasing us!" It was so funny!


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We recently brought some crawfish back from Louisiana. This was the first time Drew and Nate have seen them. Nate looked at them and said "I'm not hungry." Drew ate tons which was very surprising since he is so picky!


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Apparently I have not been very good about updating the blog. Here are a few pics from the last month or so : )

Nate's 4th Birthday  

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Nate turned 4 on Tuesday. Here are some pics from the big day, unfortunately Nate and Drew were both getting sick so we just had cake and ice cream at home. NAte also had a party at school and any teacher that thinks they make those birthday crowns for no reason--check out his head in all of these pictures! You can also see what Nate's favorite new pose is.

Drew's soccer tournament  

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